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 [Ad] Mu of Legend Season 3 Episode 1

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PostSubject: [Ad] Mu of Legend Season 3 Episode 1   Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:20 am

- 24/7 fast dedicated server without any lag!
- Advanced anti-cheat (MuGuard licensed) (NO HACKS)!
- Unique functions, website and game features.
- Balanced PVP.
- Players from all over the world!

We can offer you fast dedicated Long term MU server without any lags and more...
Basic Server Information:
Server Name: MuOfLegend
Version: Season 3 Episode 1
Experience: 9999999x
Host: Dedicated Server
Location: Spain (Barcelona)
Drop Rate: 99%
Box of Kundun in Shop: +1 +2 +3 +4
Jewels in Shop: Bless & Soul
Godlike Items: Ancient + Excellent F.O
New Character Bonus Points: 5000
New Character Bonus Zen: 200000000
Points per Level: 5/7 (normal)
Max Level: 400
Max Stats: 32767
Bless Bug: On
Web Shop: Active
Registration: Active
Weekly Castle Siege: Active
Castle Siege Server: Online
Server 1: Online (PVP Server)
Server 2: Online (Non-PVP Server)

Server Advanced Information:
Dedicated server host without any lags.
Active Admins & Game Masters
3 active servers
Advanced anti-cheat system. Licensed MuGuard.
Active Email Support
100 Mbps Line
24/7 Online

General Information:
Forum Community: Active
Ticket Support system: Active
Transfer Stats System: Active
Anti Cheat Client: Active
Game Play: No Bugs
Castle Siege: Active (100% Working)
Graphics: Excellent
PVP Balance: Excellent
Daily Events: Active

Success Rates:
Upgrade items +10+11+12+13: 99% (not 100%).
Chaos combination for wings 2 LVL: 99%
Chaos combination for wings 3 LVL: 99%
Wings + HP chance: 40%
Jewel of soul & bless: 100%
Jewel of life success rate: 100%

Events Information:
Blood Castle: every 1 hour
Devil Square: every 2 hours
Chaos Castle: every 4 hours
Kanturu Event: every 4 hours
Cry Wolf Event: every 6 hours
Golden Invasion: every 5 hours
Deep Loren: every 4 hours
Erohim Attack: every 4 hours
Skeleton King Attack: every 1 hour
White Wizard Attack: every 5 hours
Castle Siege: Scheduled every week.

Free Web Shop Credits via:
Vote Reward System
Grand Reset System
Online Time Trade System
Referral Link System
Game Events
Forum events

Available Command:
/pkclear - Remove your PK status.
/add - Add stats in-game.
/post - Send message on the post chat.
/request off - Deny all requests of the players.
/request on - Allow all requests of the players.
/reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required.
All other commands are available when you press the "D" button.

For questions and problems you can contact us at:
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[Ad] Mu of Legend Season 3 Episode 1
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